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"Shinjuku Lost Child" by Seung-Woo Yang
received The 36th Domon Ken Award

 The Domon Ken Award Ceremony was held at Mainichi Hall on April 20. Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to attend the ceremony and was invited to give a congratulatory speech. Below is the message by Mark Pearson, we would like to share our joy with you.
4月20日に毎日ホールにて関係者を招いて土門拳賞授賞式が行われ、Zen Foto Galleryオーナーのマーク・ピアソンからの祝辞が読み上げられました。(日本語訳は英語に続きます。)

 I have known Seung-Woo Yang since the early days after opening Zen Foto Gallery in 2009. He brought his work, covering a range of subjects, including his return to his native Korea to photograph his old friends and his old haunts when he was a tearaway teenager, to the photographs of Kabukicho in Shinjuku. When we look at these works, we experience the fascination of observing a world that we are fearful of knowing. We are amazed that Yang could not only be there but also even take photographs in those places and at those times. He also showed us a more gentle side in …

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