This weekend 25-27th March Zen Foto is planning to hold a photograph event and auction in aid of Tohoku relief charities. Similar to the year end Shashin Bonenkai it will be organized as follows:


1. please bring a work ready for display to Zen Foto in Roppongi On Friday 25th or Saturday 26th March and set a price preferably in the range Y5,000~Y50,000 the works should be affordable (you can also send works in by post to Zen Foto Roppongi at the address below)

2. all sales proceeds will go to Tohoku relief charities we will choose three charities and split the proceeds evenly between them 売り上げは全額東日本大震災の被災地・被災者へ寄付いたします。売上金は三分割し、それぞれ別のチャリティー組織に寄付します。なお、チャリティー組織は現在選考中です。

3. works will be accepted and displayed any time from 17:00 on Friday 25th March (until 9pm) and from 12 noon on Saturday 26th March 作品の受付時間は、3月25(金)は17:00〜21:00、3月26日(土)は12:00〜19:00です。

4. the event will close at 5pm on Wednesday 30th March このイベントの展示は3月29日(水)の17:00までです。

5. artists can set the suggested price for each work during the event 作品の値段は5,000円〜50,000円の間でご自身で設定してください。

6. unsold works will be auctioned from 4pm~5pm on 27th March, prices starting at Y1,000, so all works will be sold. No works will be returned this time. 買い手のつかなかった作品は3月27日(日)の16:00〜17:00に最低価格1,000円でオークションをします。全ての作品を売り切ります。

I`m hoping that everyone will bring and everyone will buy. Then the amount we can contribute will be of significant assistance to those suffering in Tohoku.


It would help us to know approximately how many will participate. If possible, please let us know whether you can join us by Wednesday 22nd March.


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